About Me

Hi there, Nice to meet you! My name is Nicole, and this is my blog!

I am 14 years old student in Seattle,Washington. I have always been addicted to shopping, and playing dress-up as a child.  Clothes are my way of expressing myself to the world.  

Oh and did I mention I am addicted to cookies too! Yeah shopping plus cookies equals d a n g e r o u s!
Laced up Sunnies is my way of expressing what I love.  The name Laced up Sunnies is referring to boots for the "Laced up" part, and sunglasses for the "Sunnies" part.  I absolutely adore boots and sunglasses, so naturally I thought it would make a great name for my blog.

My inspiration comes from magazines, books, movies, and even just walking down the street!  

Some of my favorite blogs are:

Peachy Keen

For All Things Lovely
Avant Blargh
The Style Scrapbook
Kendi Everyday
Damsel In Dior
Gal Meets Glam
This Time Tomorrow
Love Olia

Besides blogging, I go to school, intern, and swim competitively!

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