Monday, September 14, 2015

Girl Scout or Flight Attendant?

The first thing my mom said to me when I walked down in this outfit was, "Are you trying to be a girl scout?" which my sister responded with, "No she looks like a flight attendant."  I definitely did not think of either when I looked in the mirror, so what do you guys think? Girl scout or flight attendant?
The bandana is a super easy and affordable way to update a basic look.  I am sure everyone has one lying around, so now you can just simply take it out of the drawer, dust it off, and use it to add a pop of interest to your outfit.  Another way I would wear the bandana in the future is to wrap it around the handles of a bag or tying it around the side of a cross-body bag.  

Top: Somewhere in Italy
Shorts: Hollister
Shoes: Topshop
Bag: Zara


Friday, September 4, 2015

End of Summer

 September has officially started which means school is just around the corner.  It is really starting to hit me how close my senior year is getting, and how busy this year is going to be.  Even though this fall is going to be hectic, I am still excited to see what this year has to offer! A new year means a chance to do something great, and a new year to reach your goals.  Yes, I know it is a bit cliche but it's true! This year is my last year in high school, and then I move onto the next chapter: college. 
With each passing day slowly getting darker, it makes me reminisce about the amazing summer I have had.  And even though I am excited for the new year, I do not want summer to end! Yes I want to pull on the sweaters and break out the boots, but I will miss the fun that my friends, family, and I had in the sun.
So here's the last hurray to summer and looking to the new school year! 


Saturday, August 29, 2015

Bali Bali Bali

Finally WiFi that works! Although the hotel had WiFi it kept kicking me out of it (you can tell I was not very happy about that).  And it took me a couple of days to sort out everything and settle back into normal life (which is not as fun may I add), so I now present to you a blog post about my trip.
My trip to Bali was one word: amazing.  The resort we stayed in was also amazing! I could not have thought of a better place to stay than the St. Regis Bali Resort.  The breakfast buffet was huge, the people were so nice, and the villas were a dream.  This was the view I woke up to everyday.
The weather at Bali was quite comfortable as well.  It was hot but not humid and sticky.  It allowed you to wear pretty much whatever you wanted.  I chose to go with a very "Bali" maxi-skirt and just a black crop top.  It was a easy outfit that did not restrict my movement at all.  Also this maxi-skirt made a great cover-up from walking from the beach back to our room. 
In Bali we spent most of the time in the water.  But we also went to see some famous temples like the Uluwatu temple.  The landscape that the temples were placed are gorgeous.  If you ever find yourself in Bali I would highly recommend going to see some of them.  
Stay tuned for next weeks article! It will be another one from Bali!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Travel Guide

In honor of my trip to Hong Kong and Bali this coming weekend, I have decided to create a vacation travel guide.  I split it into three of the most stressful parts of a trip: packing, dressing, and the flight. 

1. Packing
-Always try on your clothes before packing them, to make sure they fit right and you like how they look.  I like to try on all my planned outfits to make sure I will actually wear them
-Stuff socks and undergarments in shoes to save space and keep the shoes from losing shape.
-ALWAYS bring a swimsuit.  No matter where you are going you never know if there will be a beach or pool, especially if you are going somewhere tropical.
-Don't forget the extra stuff.  I always bring a couple extra pieces just in case something rips or I change my mind.
-Do not overpack shoes! This is a habit of mine but keep it to the core three: sneakers, sandals, and heels (or boots). 
-ALWAYS bring a jacket, event if you are going somewhere hot.  For my upcoming trip I will be bringing my leather jacket just in case it gets chilly at night.
-Roll your clothing if you can to save room in your luggage.
-Remember to keep in mind the weight limit airlines have.  A large suitcase will easily go over the limit, so if you are having issues you could split your stuff between two smaller suitcases.
-Leave room for souvenirs coming back!

2. Dressing (for the flight)
-Wear easy slip on shoes.  This helps you save time going through security because you don't have to untie a billion laces (so in other words maybe don't wear those knee high lace up gladiator sandals).
-Either wear or tie a light cardi/flannel/jacket around your waist just in case the air conditioning is too high in the plane.
-Wear comfortable clothes. Whatever you find as comfortable will do.  Some examples are: a pair of joggers and nice top, tunic sweater with leggings, comfy jeans and a plain tee, a comfortable dress and cardi, or a maxi (because we all know how comfortable those are ;)).
-Leave the statement necklaces in your suitcase.  There is no need to wear them on a 13 hour flight, and they are such a pain to take off for security. 

3. Flight
-Bring your headphones. This is my absolute first thing I pack because it is SO important for me to have music on the plane.
-Hydrate on the plane to avoid looking dull and bloated afterwards.  H20 really does work wonders.
-Do not wear too much makeup on the plane especially if your flight is over 5 hours. It can cause your skin to dry out even faster.  
-Bring lotion to apply afterwards.  I also like to bring a cleansing wipe to refresh my face with afterwards.
-If you wear contacts, bring eye drops to prevent your lenses from drying out. 
-If you wear glasses bring your glasses case in case you want to sleep and remove your glasses
-Bring a hair tie.  I like to french braid my hair on the plane so that afterwards I get effortless waves because otherwise my hair feels limp after the flight. And if worse comes to worse, you can always just throw your hair up into a ponytail.
-Bring sunglasses.  If you end up getting serious under-eye bags or a puffy eye, just throw on some shades to hide them. 


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer Staple

In the summer no one really wants to pull on some jeans, but at one point you run out of shorts to wear... so what do you wear instead? Dresses! I love dresses, they are my summer staple and I reach for them practically every weekend.  I know I always say this, but they are just so easy.  You get a whole outfit without having to pair things together.  So for me, dresses are a lazy girl's best-friend,  Plus there are so many different cuts that you are bound to find one that fits you perfectly,
The t-shirt dress is perfect for casual days where you want to be comfy but still look put together.  T-shirt dresses are usually quite simple, so you can accessorize at your own whim.
I just wanted to remind you guys that Nordstrom is having their yearly anniversary sale in 3 days!! Keep a lookout for a anniversary sale guide next week, I will be posting my picks for the fall.


Saturday, July 4, 2015

July 4th

Happy 4th everyone! I have finally decided to share this video with you guys.  First off I would just like to say that this video, although short, took months to complete and edit.  I would like to take this time to thank everyone who helped me create this video, you guys are truly amazing!

 This video was my fashion project for the application to get the chance to be a Nordstrom Ambassador.  I got the letter in the mail a couple days ago, so all the time put into this video was truly worth it! I am so excited for this chance to represent Nordstrom and just get to know the fashion industry more.

This video's prompt was to answer the question: why do you love fashion? It took a lot of pondering on my part to get the feelings I feel about fashion into actual words.  I have come up with three reasons, and I can truly say that I am satisfied with them.

Thanks for reading/watching!


Monday, June 22, 2015

Jacket Details

I'm back... and back for good! Summer break has just started so I will be blogging more regularly.  School ended with a grueling finals week that left me a little under the weather.  But now that I have recovered, I am ready to blog again!

Lately I have been OBSESSED with this new jacket! I bought it at Zara a couple of weeks ago, and I just think it is a great item because it brings a cool, effortless vibe to anything you wear. It can give any outfit the right amount of edge.  You can also dress things up with this jacket by accessorizing it the way I did.  I chose to wear shoes with silver buckles and a silver necklace to complement the zippers on the jacket.  I think this is a very easy way to put together a outfit that looks complete and polished. 

Also, let me know which format you guys prefer.  Do you guys enjoy the new format I have been using for the last two posts, or should I revert back to the old format? Thanks for your input, it really means a lot!

Outfit Details:
Jacket- Zara
Romper-Nordstrom Rack
Shoes- Nine West

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Denim on Denim

Happy Easter everyone! I am trying out a new formatting on the blog, by posting one picture then writing, let me know how you guys like it! Recently I have been LOVING this pair of jeans.  They are so comfortable, and easy to style.  I have been reaching for them everyday that I have been running late... which pretty much means everyday :P 

I found this new gorgeous spot for pictures while driving near my house!  I was taken by surprise because it is so close to my house, yet I had never seen it! My sister and I took the quick trip down to this no-longer in service railroad to take these pictures.  Yeah I know what you guys are thinking and it is very senior picturey, but I couldn't resist! I love how the light hits and just how whimsical it looks. 

The denim on denim look- also often called the Canadian Tuxedo- is one of my favorite looks because it looks so effortlessly fashionable.  All you need is a pair of jeans and either a denim shirt or denim jacket.  Some people are totally against the denim on denim look but I personally love it! Ever since breaking this fashion rule has been "okay" I have started to  experiment more with the different types of denim and which washes look the best together.  I have found that one of the easiest ways to wear denim on denim, without looking like the infamous photo of denim gone wrong on Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake (here is the picture if you haven't seen it), is to mix up the washes of the denim.  For example, you could do a dark-think black- wash jeans and pair it with a light denim jacket, or denim shirt on top.  Also you could vary the weight and feel of the different denim pieces.  For example you could pair a distressed pair of jeans with a thicker, more structured denim top.

{Top: Abercrombie, Jeans: Hollister, Bag: Steve Madden, Sunglasses: Nordstrom BP}

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Runway Recap: Fall 2015 Trends

Shearling Coats

70's Vibe



New York Fashion week has come to an end, London Fashion week is getting started, and school has been getting busy so obviously I find ways to procrastinate by watching the fashion shows online.  On the bright side, my productivity in watching the shows, has given me the opportunity to summarize the most dominant Fall 2015 trends for you!  The pictures I chose above are my personal favorite trends and looks, but below I have listed the other prominent trends. 

Additional trends include: culottes, duster coats, oversized scarfs, oversized buttons, pastels (think Spring colors such as lavender), turtlenecks (try pairing a v-neck dress over a turtle neck for a more interesting approach). 

Keep in mind that some of the trends that were featured last year, that are back this year (think turtlenecks) will be going on sale soon in stores so this is a great time to stock up! I will be doing another one of these Runway Recaps for London Fashion Week so make sure to be on the lookout for it!

Thanks for reading!