Thursday, May 30, 2013

Babydoll Blue

{Dress: Forever 21, Cardi: Unknown, Shoes: Nordstrom Rack}

The weather has finally been warming up a bit, so I decided it would be the perfect day to wear a dress! Since Washington is a bit bipolar I'm crossing my fingers that the temperature will just keep on climbing up! 

However, school is just plunging down right now.  It is almost the end of the school year and I just can't wait to get out!! Unfortunately I have to survive finals and the EOC (End of Course Exam) before I am free of school.  I hope you are all having a great day! 

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mini Spree At Nike

Hi all! I wanted to share my recent mini shopping spree at Nike, that happened over the Memorial Day Weekend. If you guys don't follow me on Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram (Which you can do by clicking the green icons on the upper right-hand side) you probably don't know that I am really into sports, and staying active. So a little shopping spree at Nike, isn't unusual for me! Personally, I love to buy activewear that is bright, bold, and colorful. I hope you guys enjoyed your three day weekend! 

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Shop Till You DOT

{Top: Old Navy, Jeans: American Eagle, Belt: Marshalls, Shoes: Sam Edelman, Bag: Gifted}

The 3-day weekend is finally here!! I took my own advice and did some shopping therapy to get me through the rest of the chaotic school year! When I went shopping with my mom today, I found some great deals (which  I mentioned here) that really cut my expenses down. I recommend you take advantage of the sales now, so you do not have to spend as much compared to after the sales.

Besides that, I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend!

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Memorial Day Sales!

It is that time of year again! Memorial Day is just around the corner (for those of you in the U.S!), and this holiday is in remembrance of the men and women who have died fighting for our country. However, it just so happens that Memorial Day also means SALES! As for apparel stores with sales, I have found some of the BEST sales from a couple stores:

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale: You can score up to 40% on clothing, shoes, bags, and more!

Macy's Memorial Day Sale: Save up to 50% off on swimwear, and take additional 25% off clearance.

Forever 21 Memorial Day Sale: Save up to 80% off.

BCBG Memorial Day Sale: Save up to 30% off.

Lulu's Sale on Sale: Save up to 25% off on sale items.

Of course there are always more shops, so keep on looking! 

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Celeb Style Crush of the Week

Celeb Style Crush of the Week: Olivia Palermo

Can we just all take a moment to appreciate just how impeccably chic Olivia Palermo looks? She puts a twist on the regular peacoat, with her colorful patterned pants. What I think finishes her look off, is how she rolls her pants up to show her heels! In all I love the her outfit, and she is one of my style icons!

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Dress Your Personality

First up (above) we have the Bold Glam dresses! If you are starlet at heart, and want to be in the spotlight, these dresses are definitely for you! Glamorous dresses usually are either sparkly, such as the one Serena (Blake Lively) is wears in Gossip Girl.  They can also be a bright bold color, such as the one Jessica Biel is wearing.  However, they can also be a mixture of a bold color and a loud print. 

Next up are the Elegantly Patterned dresses! If you are as graceful as a swan and classy, elegant dresses are definitely your type of dress! Emma Stone proves that not all elegant dresses have to be long.  She looks absolutely stunning in a elaborate red classical dress.  Another option is a beautiful Chanel flowing gown.  It has the most exquisite look and colors.  Last but not least is the dress that the amazing Amanda Seyfried is wearing.  The Alexander McQueen gown is a classic gown that never goes out of style.

 {All images are from my Pinterest}

Finally, we have the Simply Sweet dresses! If you are into light hues such as blush pink, which is personally one of my favorites, and all things girly, then simply sweet dresses were made for you! Doesn't Hailee Steinfield just look adorable in that simple blush pink dress of her's? However, sweet dresses don't have to be only pink; as seen in the gorgeous white peplum dress. Lastly, Taylor Swift is wearing a lovely blush pink gown. Her gown is absolutely stunning. Does anyone else see a little ballerina inspiration in her gown? Or is that just me? 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dress turned Skirt

{Top: Nordstrom, Skirt/Dress: Forever 21, Flip-Flops: Old Navy, Belt: Came with another dress, Bracelet: American Eagle, Hair Band:The Finest Accessories}

How is everyone doing? When I was picking out my outfit of the day, I found this dress and thought it would be perfect.  Turns out I grew (Yay!), and the dress hit at an awkward length. Think mid-calf, yup pretty awkward right?! Even though it didn't quite fit right, I loved this dress so much I wanted to keep it. So I had the idea of turning this dress into a maxi skirt! I tucked my shirt into the stretchy band, and looped a belt on to bring out the blue in the skirt/dress. Ta da! I have myself my very own maxi skirt now!

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Monday, May 13, 2013

On the Edge

{Top: Boutique, Leather Jacket: Ross, Jeans: American Eagle, Boots: Cathy Jean, Necklace: Vintage}

Hi all! I hope you are all doing great, I know I am excited for the last 27 days left of school! Besides that, I wanted to share my outfit of the day. If you have seen my blog posts from the past you know that I am not a girl who wears edgy outfits a lot. It is true, I am more of a classic, preppy, and girly girl with a little twist. However, I wanted to push past my fashion comfort zone and try adding a touch of edge into my outfit today. Thats all for today folks! 

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Monthly May Picks

Ever find yourself in a shop totally lost at which items you should buy? I know I do! Well here are some of my favorites for the month of May! I think that flip-flops and a nice pair of sandals are a definite must have. As well as a bright nail polish, personally I love a bright turquoise or mint! Another item I think every girl should have is a cute little summer dress! It is always good to have a casual, comfy sundress to throw on during the hot days in Spring.

 Do I even have to mention that everyone needs shorts?! Sunnies are a great way to protect your eyes and look cute at the same time. My alternative for dangling earrings are studs because I can swim with studs, and they stay in better. That's all for today! 

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Floral For Days

{Top: Nordstrom, Skirt: American Eagle, Shoes: Sam Edelman, Necklace: A gift}

How is everyone doing? I know I am doing fantastic! We finally got some Summer weather here in Washington, and I started to take out all my summer clothes. Plus it is time for the Starbucks Half Priced Frappuccino again, so I definitely know its time for Summer! A little side note: I base my seasons on the drinks in Starbucks ;)

As for the outfit, I wanted something easy and simple, but still cute. I decided to go with a bold bright floral skirt.  To keep the outfit clean and crisp I went with a plain white shirt on top, and topped it all off with a pocket watch inspired necklace.  Did I mention that I adore the criss-cross straps on my shoes?! 

P.S. The bulge on the top of the skirt is from the bunching of my tucked in shirts that I forgot to smooth out! Sorry!


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Audrey!


Happy Birthday to the one and the only, Audrey Hepburn! Audrey Hepburn was a classic film and style icon.  She was a British actress and a humanitarian.  She starred in Breakfast at Tiffany's which is the film she is probably most well known for, as well as Roman Holiday, and much more.  

Audrey Hepburn is one of my style icons.  I adore how she has a touch of elegance in everything she wears.  The dress she wore on set of Breakfast at Tiffany's has now become known as the little black dress, which is a staple in every women's closet.   is a true timeless beauty, with elegance that never fades.  I love how what she wore back in the 1900's can be worn now, and never become "unfashionable".  

Happy Birthday Audrey, your style, and work will never be forgotten!