Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dress turned Skirt

{Top: Nordstrom, Skirt/Dress: Forever 21, Flip-Flops: Old Navy, Belt: Came with another dress, Bracelet: American Eagle, Hair Band:The Finest Accessories}

How is everyone doing? When I was picking out my outfit of the day, I found this dress and thought it would be perfect.  Turns out I grew (Yay!), and the dress hit at an awkward length. Think mid-calf, yup pretty awkward right?! Even though it didn't quite fit right, I loved this dress so much I wanted to keep it. So I had the idea of turning this dress into a maxi skirt! I tucked my shirt into the stretchy band, and looped a belt on to bring out the blue in the skirt/dress. Ta da! I have myself my very own maxi skirt now!

Thanks for reading!

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