Friday, May 17, 2013

Dress Your Personality

First up (above) we have the Bold Glam dresses! If you are starlet at heart, and want to be in the spotlight, these dresses are definitely for you! Glamorous dresses usually are either sparkly, such as the one Serena (Blake Lively) is wears in Gossip Girl.  They can also be a bright bold color, such as the one Jessica Biel is wearing.  However, they can also be a mixture of a bold color and a loud print. 

Next up are the Elegantly Patterned dresses! If you are as graceful as a swan and classy, elegant dresses are definitely your type of dress! Emma Stone proves that not all elegant dresses have to be long.  She looks absolutely stunning in a elaborate red classical dress.  Another option is a beautiful Chanel flowing gown.  It has the most exquisite look and colors.  Last but not least is the dress that the amazing Amanda Seyfried is wearing.  The Alexander McQueen gown is a classic gown that never goes out of style.

 {All images are from my Pinterest}

Finally, we have the Simply Sweet dresses! If you are into light hues such as blush pink, which is personally one of my favorites, and all things girly, then simply sweet dresses were made for you! Doesn't Hailee Steinfield just look adorable in that simple blush pink dress of her's? However, sweet dresses don't have to be only pink; as seen in the gorgeous white peplum dress. Lastly, Taylor Swift is wearing a lovely blush pink gown. Her gown is absolutely stunning. Does anyone else see a little ballerina inspiration in her gown? Or is that just me? 

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