Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer Staple

In the summer no one really wants to pull on some jeans, but at one point you run out of shorts to wear... so what do you wear instead? Dresses! I love dresses, they are my summer staple and I reach for them practically every weekend.  I know I always say this, but they are just so easy.  You get a whole outfit without having to pair things together.  So for me, dresses are a lazy girl's best-friend,  Plus there are so many different cuts that you are bound to find one that fits you perfectly,
The t-shirt dress is perfect for casual days where you want to be comfy but still look put together.  T-shirt dresses are usually quite simple, so you can accessorize at your own whim.
I just wanted to remind you guys that Nordstrom is having their yearly anniversary sale in 3 days!! Keep a lookout for a anniversary sale guide next week, I will be posting my picks for the fall.


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