Monday, August 3, 2015

Travel Guide

In honor of my trip to Hong Kong and Bali this coming weekend, I have decided to create a vacation travel guide.  I split it into three of the most stressful parts of a trip: packing, dressing, and the flight. 

1. Packing
-Always try on your clothes before packing them, to make sure they fit right and you like how they look.  I like to try on all my planned outfits to make sure I will actually wear them
-Stuff socks and undergarments in shoes to save space and keep the shoes from losing shape.
-ALWAYS bring a swimsuit.  No matter where you are going you never know if there will be a beach or pool, especially if you are going somewhere tropical.
-Don't forget the extra stuff.  I always bring a couple extra pieces just in case something rips or I change my mind.
-Do not overpack shoes! This is a habit of mine but keep it to the core three: sneakers, sandals, and heels (or boots). 
-ALWAYS bring a jacket, event if you are going somewhere hot.  For my upcoming trip I will be bringing my leather jacket just in case it gets chilly at night.
-Roll your clothing if you can to save room in your luggage.
-Remember to keep in mind the weight limit airlines have.  A large suitcase will easily go over the limit, so if you are having issues you could split your stuff between two smaller suitcases.
-Leave room for souvenirs coming back!

2. Dressing (for the flight)
-Wear easy slip on shoes.  This helps you save time going through security because you don't have to untie a billion laces (so in other words maybe don't wear those knee high lace up gladiator sandals).
-Either wear or tie a light cardi/flannel/jacket around your waist just in case the air conditioning is too high in the plane.
-Wear comfortable clothes. Whatever you find as comfortable will do.  Some examples are: a pair of joggers and nice top, tunic sweater with leggings, comfy jeans and a plain tee, a comfortable dress and cardi, or a maxi (because we all know how comfortable those are ;)).
-Leave the statement necklaces in your suitcase.  There is no need to wear them on a 13 hour flight, and they are such a pain to take off for security. 

3. Flight
-Bring your headphones. This is my absolute first thing I pack because it is SO important for me to have music on the plane.
-Hydrate on the plane to avoid looking dull and bloated afterwards.  H20 really does work wonders.
-Do not wear too much makeup on the plane especially if your flight is over 5 hours. It can cause your skin to dry out even faster.  
-Bring lotion to apply afterwards.  I also like to bring a cleansing wipe to refresh my face with afterwards.
-If you wear contacts, bring eye drops to prevent your lenses from drying out. 
-If you wear glasses bring your glasses case in case you want to sleep and remove your glasses
-Bring a hair tie.  I like to french braid my hair on the plane so that afterwards I get effortless waves because otherwise my hair feels limp after the flight. And if worse comes to worse, you can always just throw your hair up into a ponytail.
-Bring sunglasses.  If you end up getting serious under-eye bags or a puffy eye, just throw on some shades to hide them. 


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