Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Knee High Boots

The knee-high boot is a must have for this Fall!! Some boots on the runways even went as far as mid-thigh! I watched runway after runway on my computer and identified trends I saw (you can say I became quite the fashion critic), and the knee-high boot was one of the trends I spotted.  Don't worry though I will be reporting back more trends I spotted in the following weeks! 

Besides the knee-high boot being one of the must have shoes this fall, it is also one of my very favorite essentials for ever fall! I literally have a whole rack full of boots! What can I say? I really love my boots.  

My plan now is to speed over to Nordstrom and buy one (maybe more) pair of new leather knee-high boots!!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Love knee high boots for fall! They are such a classic!

    ~ Caroline

    1. I know right! They never fail to be fashionable!


  2. The boots are amazing. I especially love the white ones!