Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Snip Snip

{images from Google Images. From top to bottom: Karlie Kloss, Keira Knightley, Emma Stone, Cameron Diaz, AnnaSophia Robb}

Good morning (or night, or afternoon) people! My latest obsession? Short hair! There is just something about the short/medium hair cuts that make me want to chop off my long locks! The weird thing? I have NEVER EVER EVER wanted to cut my hair short! But here I am, deciding whether or not to take the risk and chop it all off (well not all of it of course!). 

These lovely ladies are rocking their short/medium hair cuts. I love the short hair with the wavy texture, it gives the look just a whole new feeling! Of course I can't bear the thought of going too short, so I am thinking a short/medium look; so, more like the shoulder length.  

Once I actually go make an appointment to cut my hair (after I stop procrastinating) I will show you guys a before and after picture! 

Thanks for reading!



  1. Good luck getting your hair done! I'm sure it will look incredible! It is so fun to change your hair.

    ~ Caroline

    1. Thanks! :) It definitely is a drastic change!


  2. Love these beautiful hair styles :o)

    Lovely greetz from germany.

    Ina :*