Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fashion Flashback: Overalls

{From left to right: Phillip Lim, Ralph Lauren, Phillip Lim}

Do you remember wearing overalls every day? I sure do! I called it the "Overall Age." Luckily, I enjoyed wearing them, and I still do. Good news for those who, like me, like overalls; they are back! For those of you who don't like overalls, I am sorry but they are here to stay. I am totally in love with the ones seen on Phillip Lim, and Ralph Lauren runways, but I unfortunately do not have the money for that (yet!). Even though I really am digging the overall comeback, I really love the look of the short overalls! Here are some of my picks for short and long overalls:

{From left to right: Free People, Free People, American Rag}


  1. You showed such fun pictures! I'm not sure if I can "readopt" this trend from my childhood yet, but the options you showed are definitely much more stylin' than what I was picturing for overalls! Will be fun to see what all the stores come up with :)

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