Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Outfit of the Day: Layering

{Dress: H&M, Chambray Top: American Eagle, Necklace: Gift, Boots: Nordstrom BP}

Before I get into my outfit, I would like to note a few things. Please ignore my chipped nail polish and the garbage bins in the background, I did not see that until after uploading my pictures. When I saw it, it made me really mad because it took forever trying to actually get a good lighting! 

Now it is time for another outfit of the day with Nicole! First off I would like to share a tip that has saved me countless times when I have had a wardrobe malfunction: Pick a dress, that way you have a top and bottom picked out. After that its easy, all you have to do is just accessorize or layer and go! 

Today I wore a black dress, but decided to layer a chambray top because it was chilly and I did not want to lug around a heavy jacket all day at school. 

To get the tied chambray look, I tied the chambray top by first tucking in the top to the waist level, then gathering the two front ends, and knotting them. Once it was knotted, I buttoned up the remaining buttons till I achieved the look I wanted.  By doing it this way, the knot will be messy, but it will stay put.


  1. Great look! I like the way you partially buttoned the chambray shirt. It makes it look less cowboyish if you know what i mean. Also love that dress!

    ~ Caroline

  2. Thanks! It is also one of my favorites and go to!